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FeTech is a professional spring manufacturer, taking the conical spring washers as our core products, which are widely applied in various machinery and equipments, automotive,electricity applications, petroleum seal systems, and chemical industries, such as brakes, safety valves, transmissions, clutches, oil pipes, flanges. The conical washers have the effect of fastening, locking, sealing, compensating and so on.

FeTech takes DIN2092, DIN2093 as guideline of disc springs production, at the same time, we can produce the off-standard disc springs with O.D. from 6mm up to 800mm in order to meet customers’ specific requirements. DIN6796 is the standard for FeTech’s production of disc spring washers.

For satisfying the different working conditions, FeTech provides many choices of raw materials. For example, the general material 50CrV4; corrosion resistant material SUS301, SUS304, SUS316, SUS631; heat-stable material H13,X22CrMoV12-1; antimagnetic and corrosion resistant CuBe2; nickel and cobalt alloys S816, Nimonic90, Inconel X-750, Inconel 718.

FeTech has the own plant for manufacturing, serval expert engineers, reliable workers and equipments, strict quality control, which are combined to ensure the best products. And the large stocks help us to meet the customers’ needs in time. Our customers are including ABB, GM, Ferrari, Shanghai Electric, SINOPEC, CNPC. The manufacturing units of disc springs have been certified by ISO9001:2008. FeTech, bearing the dream of enterprises’ soaring!


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