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Disc Spring Washers DIN6796

Conical spring washers are designed as heavy duty bolting spring washers, and have been specially developed for high-strength bolts of grades 8.8-10.9. The washers are confirmed to DIN6796 in 1987, and are designed for high demands on the protection of bolt joints. When the load washer is flattened, a highly progressive load increase occurs at the end of the spring deflection and has been indicated as double the calculated value.
European DIN6796 standard disc spring washers
Download DIN6796 spring washers specifications
Customizing off-standard washers:
sizes with inner diameter up to 200mm depends on the bolts sizes.
Protective Surface Treatment
FeTech have many environmental surface treatment methods, like phosphatizing, hot-galvanizing, zinc plating, electrophoresis, DAC, GEOMET.
If you expect other surface treatments, please contact us for more information.
The tolerances of DIN6796 washers are in a lower grade referred to DIN2093, if you have special need in the accuracy, please tell us and we can do it.