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Disc Springs

FeTech Disc Springs are similar to belleville springs with a frusto-conical shape and are typically used for critical loading or dynamic applications. 

Some properties and advantages of FeTech Disc Spring are including:
- high load capacity with a small spring deflection
- increased fatigue life
- tight raw material specifications
- better use of space
- lower creep tendency with better heat treatment
- narrow tolerances of spring geometry and load
European DIN2093 standard disc springs
Customizing off-standard disc springs:
outer diameter from 6mm up to 800mm and thickness from 0.2mm up to 50mm that depends on different materials. 

Protective Surface Treatment
FeTech have many environmental surface treatment methods, like phosphatizing, hot-galvanizing, zinc plating, electrophoresis, DAC, GEOMET.
If you expect other surface treatments, please contact us for more information.
Generally, FeTech comply with the standard tolerance of DIN2093 strictly. If you need the higher accuracy, please tell us and we can do it. 
Download DIN2093 Disc Spring Tolerances